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May 08 2009

one down…

Praxis I – Done done and done. Yes, there were 3 tests that I took in one sitting. By the time I got to the last 30-minute test, the written essay portion, my brain was pretty fried. After sitting there for 4 hours, why would they make me do that part LAST?

I’m so anxious to get started on everything. Each day I sit in my abnormally messy apartment and wonder what I should be doing. I then start to do 10 different things. Let me tell you, it’s not very efficient. Although I do feel like I’m being productive, no matter what, as long as I’m doing something.

Thinking about surfing this afternoon. I need to move around a bit. And I want to get as much time at the Bu as possible before I leave. Wow, just saying that makes me tear up. This is not going to be easy…

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